Visa Requirements

The following should be submitted in support of an application for a visa.

  •  Passport (should be valid for at least six months from date of expiry.) Two empty facing pages for visa endorsement are required. A copy of Passport.
  •  Two recent Passport size photographs (3.5 x 4.5 cm).
  •  One duly completed visa application form.
  •  One copy of letter of invitation if on business visit. For tourists this is not a requirement.
  •  One copy of flight details and itinerary of visit.
  •  Visa Application Form
  • Visa application form can be collected in person from the Zambian High Commission office or you can down load

    We strongly advice you to read thoroughly the visa requirements before completing the visa form. All necessary instructions are on the website.

  •  Visa Fees

    Types of visas and applicable fees

    Visa Type Visa Fees
    Single Entry Visa AU$ 85.00
    Double Entry Visa AU$ 130.00
    Multiple Entry Visa AU$ 229.00
    Travel Document Of Identity AU$ 30.00
  •  Mode of Payments
    Cash only when applying in person at the High Commission offices.

  •  Fill the Form and submit it at the High Commission's reception
    High Commission of the Republic of Zambia
    10 National Circuit, Barton 2600
    Canberra, Australia

  •  Application by Mail
    • If you wish to use mail service to obtain a visa, kindly use registered/courier mail service.
    • Please enclose self-addressed registered mail envelope for return of passport.
      (Please reconfirm cost at the post office.)

    P.O. Box 4574, Kingston 2604
    ACT, Australia

  •  Processing Period
    Five (5) working days are required and a Visa is valid from date of issue.

Visa Application Form  [ Download ]

visa-application From

Passport Guarantee Letter Form  [ Download ]

Passport Application Form 'N'

Contact Info

  • High Commission of the Republic of Zambia
  • 10 National Circuit, Barton 2600
  • Canberra,Australia
  • P.O. Box 4574, Kingston 2604
  • ACT, Australia

Information on Customs and Duties

  • The Commissioner
  • Zambia Revenue Authority
  • Lusaka, Zambia
  • 00 260 1 229214/19
  • 00 260 1 227821