Authority to Transport Human Remains to Zambia

  •  Repatriation to Zambia of remains of deceased Zambian nationals
    In the event of the above, the following should be done:-
    • Immediately inform the High Commission
    • Request the funeral parlor to prepare the following documents and send to the High Commission:
      • Death Certificate
      • Burial Certificate
      • Health Certificate
    • Tentative itinerary and the details of the next of kin who is going to receive the body in Zambia.
    • Upon receipt of the above documents, the high commission will then issue a "No Objection Certificate" or
    • "Health Clearance Certificate" on behalf of the Zambian Government to allow the repatriation accordingly.

Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of Zambia


Contact Info

  • High Commission of the Republic of Zambia
  • 10 National Circuit, Barton 2600
  • Canberra,Australia
  • P.O. Box 4574, Kingston 2604
  • ACT, Australia